The West Bengal Khadi & Village Industries Board was set up by the Government of West Bengal under W.B. Act. XIV of 1959 and took over the activities from erstwhile Advisory Board on 1st. April, 1960.

Khadi and Village Industries have the unique capacity to generate large employment opportunities in the rural areas at a low capital cost as well as to create entrepreneurship development and have therefore occupied an important place in the national economy. These industries develop local initiatives, cooperation and spirit of self-reliance in the economy and at the same time help in utilization of available manpower in rural areas for processing locally available raw materials by adoption of simple techniques. Since agriculture sector has been losing its ability to generate additional employment opportunities for the fast increasing work force in rural areas, importance of KVIC as well as KVIB, have increased for finding an alternative and appropriate employment of rural people.

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The Khadi & Village Industries Sector in, West Bengal has made considerable progress not only in the field of production but also in the field of employment generation during the last 52 years. The production of Khadi which was of the value of Rs.3.91 lakhs in 1960-61 reached to Rs.2816.72 lakhs in 2011-2012. Against the production in the Village Industries Sector of Rs.9.00 lakhs in 1960-61 that reached to Rs.87853.47 lakhs in the year/2011-2012.
Whereas in the year, 1960-61 the employment in Khadi was only 120, the number of employment generated in this sector in 2011-2012 was 36,369. In Village Industries Sector the number of employment generated was 2,437 in 1960-61 which rose to 7,11,000 nos. in 2011-2012.

1) Year: 1960-61

a) Khadi Production: Rs 3.91 Lakhs,Khadi Employement: 120
b) V.I. Production: 9.00 Lakhs, V.I. Employement: 2437

2) Year: 1970-71

a) Khadi Production: Rs 18.90 Lakhs,Khadi Employement: 3699
b) V.I. Production: 108.71 Lakhs, V.I. Employement: 33297

3) Year: 1980-81

a) Khadi Production: Rs 53.68 Lakhs,Khadi Employement: 3925
b) V.I. Production: 520.68 Lakhs, V.I. Employement: 61172

4) Year: 1990-91

a) Khadi Production: Rs 929.64 Lakhs,Khadi Employement: 18979
b) V.I. Production: 5776.08 Lakhs, V.I. Employement: 190329

5) Year: 2001-02

a) Khadi Production: Rs 1832.20 Lakhs,Khadi Employement: 37300
b) V.I. Production: 20758.70 Lakhs, V.I. Employement: 336580

6) Year: 2009-10

a) Khadi Production: Rs 2486.06 Lakhs,Khadi Employement: 35602
b) V.I. Production: 75556.60Lakhs, V.I. Employement:726602

7) Year: 2011-12

a) Khadi Production: Rs 2816.72 Lakhs,Khadi Employement: 36369
b) V.I. Production: 87853.47 Lakhs, V.I. Employement:747369

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