"The Board shall generally organize, develop and regulate Khadi Industries and Village Industries and discharge such other duties and Functions perform such other functions as the State Government may direct for the purpose of carrying out the objects of this Act, but it will not be a trading corporation [except to the extent necessary for carrying out the objects of this Act, particularly relating to promotion and development]"

The West Bengal Khadi & Village Industries Board is charged with the planning, promotion, organization and implementation of programmes for the development of Khadi & Village Industries in the rural areas in co-ordination with the agencies engaged in rural development where ever necessary. One of the main functions of the West Bengal Khadi & Village Industries Board is to grant financial assistance to the rural artisans/Individuals/Entrepreneurs/Co-operative Societies/ Regd. Instituiions/Panchayat Raj Institutions to enable these to take up various scheme according to approved programmes of Khadi & Village Industries Commission.

The Board also provides technical assistance to its aided units and does arrange supply of improved tools and implements and essential inputs, where ever necessary.

i. Issuance of Khadi Certificates and renewal thereof for Registered Institutions and Co-operative Societies only.
ii. Holding Budget discussions and finalizing the Target of the Institutions/Societies in respect of Production, Retail Sale, Whole Sale.
iii. Assessment of requirement of fund for running the Khadi activities of the Institutions/Societies as per KVIC's norms.iv. Implementing Interest Subsidy Bank Finance Scheme - (a) Issuance of Interest Subsidy Eligibility Certificate in favour of Institutions/Societies for getting Bank Finance, (b) Placement of Fund towards Interest Subsidy.
v. Monitoring performance of Khadi Institutions/Societies in respect of Production/Sale/Ernployment.
vi. Implementing Marketing Assistance Scheme for the benefit of Khadi Institutions/Societies by making payment of matching rebate out of Plan fund allotted by the State Government.
vii. Implementing Khadi Programme through Board's Direct Production Centres
viii. Monitoring of Artisan Welfare Fund.Monitoring Janasree Bima Yojana.
x. Evaluation of performance of Khadi Institutions/Societies as per KVIC's norms.
xi.Implementation of Ready to use - Khadi Mission Schemes.
xii. Implementation of Product Development and Design Intervention and Packaging (PRODIP) for Khadi Institutions/Societies.
xiii. Implementation of S & T Scheme under Khadi.
xiv. Implementation of Cluster Development Programme.
xv. Scheme of Fund for Re-generation of Traditional Industries (SFURTI).

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