CHARKHA : It is a device for Spinning thread or yarn from natural fiber.(It was Charkha that supplemented the agriculture of the villages with dignity. Any wheel is always is symbol of changing times, revolving fortunes of people. It is also an icon of past, present future.)


LOOM: A loom is a device used to weave fabric. (If one were to trace the journey of weavers across the Bengal a beautiful story would be revealed to him, about weavers making wonders out of what was locally available even in 21st Century nature can impact production as the Khadi depends on silk worms thriving on trees).


Note: -

  • Pit fry suttle loom : appropriate for 400s – 500s Muslin
  • Frame loom : appropriate for up to 200s Muslin
  • Chittaranjan loom : appropriate for 100s Muslin



The Khadi Commission formulates budget guidelines every year. Product based annual budget for the year 2018-19 was adopted by KVIC in its 647th meeting dated. 26.7.17. On the basis of such guidelines the Budgetary works have been done for the year 2018-19.

Khadi Institutions shall also identify the Khadi products which contribute maximum to their production & sales revenue.

Khadi Institutions increase their production by 10-20% annually without considering the demand potential in the market.

Allocation of target :-

The production target for various products has been fixed on prime cost of products. The annual target for all varieties like cotton, silk, wool & polyvastra will be the sum of the Prime Cost of all the products in each variety.

Budget Approval Process:-

The State Director shall form State Khadi Monitoring Committee (SKMC) for scrutinizing and recommending the Annual Action Plans Submitted by Khadi Institutions to the Zonal Committees at Zonal Level.The SKMC shall hold discussion with the Khadi Institutions only if it is necessary and in normalcourse the Khadi Institutions may not be called for any discussion.The SKMC will ensure that all the Khadi Institutions whose budgets are considered
should possess valid certificate & Khadi Mark.


Documents required to :-

1. Registration Certificate
be submitted 2. Up to date renewed Khadi Certificate.
3. Statement showing the position of E.M & H.D
4. No. of Artisans covered under JBY & the sum
5. Detail of purchase.
6. Budget proposal in the prescribed format. (in
7. Resolution of Executive Committee regarding
submission of proposal for budget.
8. Audited Balance Sheet.
9. List of Artisans. (Spinners, Weavers, Reelers,
Turners etc.)
10. Infrastructure details.
11. Implements detail.
12. Annual Progress Report.
13. Confirmation of contribution towards AWFT
14. PAN Card
15. GST Registration detail.

In the year 2018’19 altogether 153 nos. proposal of Khadi Institutions under KVIB fold were accepted and got the valid Budgetary Production Target.


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