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CHARKHA : It is a device for Spinning thread or yarn from natural fiber.(It was Charkha that supplemented the agriculture of the villages with dignity. Any wheel is always is symbol of changing times, revolving fortunes of people. It is also an icon of past, present future.)


LOOM: A loom is a device used to weave fabric. (If one were to trace the journey of weavers across the Bengal a beautiful story would be revealed to him, about weavers making wonders out of what was locally available even in 21st Century nature can impact production as the Khadi depends on silk worms thriving on trees).


Note: -

  • Pit fry suttle loom : appropriate for 400s – 500s Muslin
  • Frame loom : appropriate for up to 200s Muslin
  • Chittaranjan loom : appropriate for 100s Muslin