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Terracota is a type of fired clay, typically of a brownish red colour which is used as ornamental building material and in modeling of different idols, figurines etc. It is believed that the tradition of making terracotta craft items started from Panchmura region under the Malla dynasty which is towards the end of the 7th century A.D. The artists then used inscribe the temple walls with the artwork. Bankura’s terracotta is an internationally appreciated art form. Panchmura village in Bankura is the home of around 270 artists making Terracota items. The place is famous for long necked Terracota horses. Terracota means baked clay. The crafts persons clolour their products with clay itself and fire them in kilns with the help of dry Eucalyptus leaves. The terracotta of Bankura is famous for its simple yet dynamic artistry having a range of products starting from animal and human statues to household utility and décor products.

It is revealed that presently the craftsperson have a society and a resource centre. The existing resource center needs to be upgraded with a bigger space of CFC opportunities like cultural tourism, heritage tourism may be strengthened. (Link to ...Impact Study...)

TPC :  Rs. 163.70 lakhs