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Bankura district is one of the most backward districts in West Bengal. The areas to the east and north east low-lying alluvial plains while to the west the surface gradually rises, giving way to undulating country,interspersed with rocky hillocks. Onda block is located at 23°18’06”N 86°58’58”E. It is 12 km from Bankura town on the Bankura – Tata road via- Silapal & Silda. Onda block is north part of the district.Bankura is drained by Damodar, Darkeswar and Kangsabati along with their tributaries of which Gandeswari, Silai and Kumari deserve separate mention. This district has a moderate deposit of coal and a number of good deposits of china clay. As census, 2001 data reveals, it ranks twelfth in the state so far as total population is concerned.

It is feeling that innovative approaches with involvement of diverse groups having a stake in socio economic development can breathe new life in our dying rural khajoor mat weaving and provide income generation options to rural artisans. (Link to ....Impact Study....)

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