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Gaza is one such dark, obscure village sandwiched between three tributaries of river Ganges, river Mundeswari and river Damodar in Howrah district, West Bengal. The former is know as the ‘Insane river’ while the lake is known as “Sorrow of Bengal” because of the uncertainly and destruction the rivers bring into the lives of people year after year. The only fame the village and boast of is its proximity to the native village of one of the greatest sons of Bengal Raja Ram Mohan Roy, a social reformer and revolutionary radical thinker who challenged and successfully altered the very social foundation of religious orthodoxy. For the people in Gaza, life is a difficult journey in the form of a vicious cycle from disaster to another, plunging them into the clutches of poverty and disillusionment.It was in such a background that a group of young and educated people, inspired by the teachings of their revolutionary ancestors, decided to dedicate their lives for the welfare of their fellow beings. Noa (a kind of bangle) is widely used by the women only produced in the village GAZA, Udaynarayanpur Block, Howrah out of India. It is even regarded as the sign of womanhood. Besides Hindus use this item in many festivals like puja (worship) offer contains this in several renown worship houses at Tarekeswar, Gangasagar, Tarapith, Kalighat, Dakshineswar and many other festivals. As for this it has huge demand in the market. However, outside the border of Bengal many states like Jharkhand, Bihar, Orissa, Assam, U.P. and others looking for this item during their indigenous festivals. So the marketing potentiality of this product is very high.

Total Project Cost: Rs. 126.99 lakhs    

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