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 Name of Activities: Kalimpong Arts & Craft TPC: Rs. 1019.00 lakhs

Kalimpong Arts & Craft Centre is located in the heart of the town and was founded in 1897, established with an objective of promoting and propagating local people handicrafts along with providing employment opportunities to locals. The centre wasfounded by Mrs. Catherine Graham. Later in the name of Kalimpong Arts & Craft Industrial Co-Operative Society Ltd. Was formed.
Kalimpong Arts & Crafts is famous for wide variety of handicrafts including handloom products, batik printing, handkerchief, wooden products masks, scrolls, jewelry and other artifacts. Moreover at this centre carpet weaving, dying, painting and tailoring were also taught to local craftsman and artisans. The centre remained defunct since 1989. (Link to ....Impact study.......)