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Patachitra is an ancient folk art of Bengal. Patuas paint stories serially in frames on long scrolls of cloth. They sing the story while unfurling the scrolls. Patachitra may be viewed as an early precursor of modern day animation. This art form is appreciated by art lovers from all over the world for its effortless style of drawing, colours, lines and space usage. The pictures are awe inspiring tales that range from the mundane to the sublime. Patachitras paintings are done usually on long scrolls of paper and are depiction of mythological stories. The finished paintings are affixed to reused cloth to give flexibility in folding and unfolding. There are 3 kinds of Patas. They are Dighal Pata, Latai Pata and Chouko Pata. Patas can be painted in two different styles- Jarano Pata and Chouko Pata. (Link to ....Impact Study....)

Patachitra and Pater Gaan are unique cultural traditions of Bengal. The patuas paint stories on long scrolls cloth. The most unique thing is that all the colour used by the artists are the natural ones, extracted from different vegetables, fruits and flowers. Social themes like protection of environment, planting of trees etc have also placed in their creation.

[Stories and myth behind-  Rural bards and story teller in earlier times would use scrolls to tell the stories of various themes depicted in them through songs or Pater Gaan. The songs are of wide variety ranging from traditional mythological  tales and tribal rituals to stories based on modern Indian history and contemporary issues.]




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