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Sitalpati, a kind of mat is the most notable and popular product in northern part of Cooch Behar district and other areas of the state of Assam. The salient feature of the Sital Pati Mat is given Hereunder. Unlike the other kind of mat woven in West Bengal, Sital Pati is the most lovely mats in comparison with Madur mats and very much expressive of its quality, made from green cane slips.The word ‘Sital Pati’ means cool mat. It is best suited for the warm and humid climate of some parts of West Bengal because it renders a feeling of coolness & comfort to the person sitting or sleeping on it. It is immensely popular in rural areas and linked intimately with everyday life.The raw materials used in the trade are the Mutra Cane (Maranta Dichotoma). The green cane is kept soaking in water or warm rice starch before it is slashed & sliced into thin strips for making the pati.Then the fine strips are woven by joining skilfully and interlacing to shape into beautiful mats. (Link to ....Impact Study....)

The word “Sital Pati” means cool-mat. These mats are luxurious, comfortable and utilitarian. Sital Pati mats are crafted from green cane slips of Maranta Dichotoma or muthra reed, which are split in to fine slice length wise. The slips are then skillfully joint by interlacing weave.

[Stories and myth behind- Mukta (pearls) is the local name for Maranta dichotoma as the fruits of the plant resemble pearls. According to local beliefs Lord Krishna wanted Radha to gift him pearls. Radha denied the gift. Krishna said he himself would grow pearls in a garden and planted a certain plant which grew that very day and bore seeds that looked and shined like pearls. Out of 12 famous gardens in Vrindavan, one is Mukta.]



TPC: Rs. 125.98 lakhs

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